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Inviting your team to Content Workflow
Inviting your team to Content Workflow

Steps to ensure you can add your team to Content Workflow as soon as possible

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Content Workflow really starts adding the most value to your web projects when you have your team and collaborators working on the platform with you.

Yet, we've seen time and time again, that inviting team members is one of the last things people do when setting up their account.

The main reasons for this are usually:

  • The belief that everything needs to be set up and perfect in Content Workflow before you start inviting people

  • Not being clear on what roles and permissions will be right for different people on your project

  • Not being clear on what invited people will be able to see and do

In this article, we want to help you overcome these uncertainties so you can invite your team to start producing content sooner. Win, win!

1. The bare minimum you need to get people to produce content is:

  • A team of people clear on the nature of the project and the content they'll be responsible for

  • Your team having a good understanding of what Content Workflow is for would also really help!

  • A project, which your team need to be invited to

  • A few Items, with their structure and guidelines established, to assign your team members to

  • Your workflow to be clear and familiar to your team

  • Ideally, the first couple of dates and deadlines confirmed

Here's all the help documentation you need to set these things up:

2. Now you're all set to start inviting your team. To do this with confidence, you'll want to understand:

  • What role to give your team members

  • Understand the permissions that come with default roles

  • Potentially how to create your own custom roles

  • How groups in Content Workflow work

  • How to invite people and assign them to Items

  • And what invited users will see

Once again, here are all the help documents you need to tackle these:

Hopefully, you're now armed with all you need to get everyone into your project πŸš€

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