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​Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our pricing and billing

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Can I try Content Workflow for free?

Yes, all you need to do is sign up for a free trial, which includes all features and no limits.

What happens after my trial ends?

After the free trial ends you'll need to sign up for one of our plans. You can find full details of the plans we offer here.

How can I pay for Content Workflow?

You can purchase plans on an annual basis. We can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more about this.

What currency can we be charged in?

All accounts are billed in United States dollars. We can offer other currency options on larger annual plans. Contact our sales team for more details. 

What is a Content Import Concierge?

Hit the ground running: let us advise you how to import your existing WordPress or CSV content into Content Workflow.

Content Import Concierge is a one-off service that you can add to our annual Scale and Transform plans for a $1000 USD fee. The cost is for two hours of technical support with one of our integration experts.

For help importing from other CMS' and existing sources, speak to our sales team.

What are projects and items?

To stay organised and define the purpose of all content, create a project where all the content that's related to the same project or topic can live together.

For example, if you are creating a new course prospectus all the relevant content could be collated in a project titled course prospectus.
Here's a full explanation of what we define as a project.

Items are the content pieces inside a project. 

An item could be considered an individual web page, a blog post, or a course prospectus page.

Is my content safe and secure?

Absolutely 👍 we take security and backups seriously. We run hourly backups of our databases and have full server redundancy. You can also export your content at any time.

What is VAT?

All prices we quote for our plans exclude VAT. 

If you are located in the UK the prevailing rate (20%) will be applied to your bill each month. If you are located in the EU please enter your VAT number during the checkout process to avoid paying VAT.

We don't charge VAT for customers outside of the UK and EU.

What length of plans do you offer?

We offer monthly and annual plans.

Monthly plans are pay-as-you-go and can be cancelled at any time with no further payments.

Annual subscriptions are pre-paid in advance and tie you into an annual agreement that renews each year. Refunds are not offered for any past payments.

What pricing plans are available?

We base our plans on the number of projects and items in your account.

To find out about our pricing, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

All our plans are available as yearly or monthly subscriptions.

Do you offer discounts for not-for-profits or educational institutions?

We're happy to offer eligible nonprofit organisations discounts on our annual plans. Please contact us to find out more. 👍

What's your refund policy?

All our subscriptions automatically renew (which is also stated in our terms and subscription communications). You can cancel your subscription at any time and from that point on you won’t be charged.

When you choose to cancel your subscription, you'll have access to your account until the end of the current subscription period, and it won't renew at the end of that period.

No further fees will be charged but we aren't able to refund any fees paid, full details can be found in our Terms of Service 

Can I pause my plan?

Unfortunately, we don't have the option for you to pause your account.

However, your data won't be deleted if you choose to cancel your subscription with us, for the first 12 months. All of your content can be accessed again when you create a new subscription.

We'll delete your data after 12 months to comply with GDPR regulations, so if you plan to keep your account active we advise taking a subscription again before this point, to ensure no data is lost.

If you cancel your subscription, you may not have access to the same subscription if you re-open your account. This also applies to any coupons active on your account - certain coupons may not be available to you if you do re-open your account.

Which payment platform do you use?

We use Recurly for all our credit and debit card payments.

Recurly is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, the highest level of security a business can offer. Cardholder information will be sent directly to Recurly to minimise the risk to your business. Recurly also meets and exceeds all industry-standard payment security practices to protect you and your customers.

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