This article will explain the basics of how to get started with GatherContent. It'll also cover things you'll get to know, such as projects, items, structure, due dates, workflows and our integrations.

Want to create your first project in GatherContent? Here's an outline of the steps you'll go through:

  1. Set up the project
  2. Produce content
  3. Export content

Set up the project

  • Add some items to the project
    Items are the content pieces inside a project and are found inside folders. Folders can be used to represent your content hierarchy. You'll find items inside folders, on the content hub of a project. Click on any item name to access the content inside.
  • Check your project's workflow
    Items have a workflow status which tells you where it is in the project lifecycle. Make sure your project workflow closely follows your internal content production process.
  • Assign your team to items
    Assigning your team to items to let them know what they need to work on. Assigning people can also be used to control visibility.

Now you're ready to begin creating the content!

Produce content

  • Move items through the workflow as they are worked on
    This means you always know at what stage your project is at, and who's responsible for the next steps.

Once your content is ready to be pushed to the CMS, you're ready to export it!

Export content

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