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Updating the workflow status of an item
Updating the workflow status of an item

Update the workflow status of an item to keep track of your content from planning to publication.

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To update the status of an item, you can do this from either:

From the content editor

1. Click the name of the current workflow status at the top of the page.

2. Click the status you want to move the item to, and click 'Set status'.

3. Done! The item has now moved to your chosen workflow status.

You also have the opportunity to add a note when changing the workflow status. This note will be present on the notification email that gets sent.

Tip: Only those assigned to the item or @mentioned in a note will be notified of the status change.

From the content hub

1. Select the items you'd like to update the workflow status of by clicking anywhere on their row (except the name). They should appear highlighted once selected.

Tip: You can hold 'Shift ⇧' on the keyboard to select multiple items with a single click.

2. From the action bar at the bottom of the page, select 'Update status'.

3. Choose the status from the dropdown box, that you'd like to move these items to.

4. Enabling the 'Notify anybody?' toggle will allow you to choose people from your team to notify of the status change.

5. If you want to leave a note with the change, click 'Leave a note...'.

6. Once you're happy, click 'Confirm' to apply the chosen status and you're done.

Tip: Assignees will always be notified of status changes, so you don't need to manually select them for them to be notified.

For more information about due dates, take a look at our dedicated help article.

Deprecation of "completed" items

As of June 2021, items can no longer be "completed". Existing items that are marked as complete won't change, but future items cannot be completed. If you wish to give items a "completed" status, we suggest you edit your project workflows to add a final "Completed" step.

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