You should note that deleting an Item will permanently delete the Item, its content, any files uploaded to it, comments, notes, and all revisions from our servers: gone!

If you’re sure you want to delete an Item, you can do so by following these steps:

To delete an Item you first need to archive it. The steps to delete an Entry Item are the same as that of normal Item.

1. Switch to the Archived Items view

From the Content tab, click the Items dropdown and select Archived Items.

2. Choose the Items you'd like to permanently delete.

You can select multiple Items by selecting the checkboxes on the left.

Note: if you would like to select many items at once, you can select the first item, hold shift and then select the last item. This will select the everything in between as well

3. Delete the Archived Items

From the Actions menu, select "Delete Items".

Tip: Only delete an Item if you're absolutely sure you won't need it any more. Once it's been deleted, it's gone forever!

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