This article outlines how to import content from a spreadsheet into GatherContent, and how to structure the import spreadsheet. It also answers frequently asked questions around importing content from a spreadsheet.

Structuring the import spreadsheet

Your content should be in a specific format to import it into GatherContent.

When structuring your spreadsheet:

  • each row in your spreadsheet is an item
  • each column in your spreadsheet is a field in the item

The first column of the spreadsheet should contain the names of the items to be imported. The first row of the spreadsheet should contain the names of the fields. These will appear on the template as field labels once imported.

Here's a sample CSV file, which you can use to help structure your import spreadsheet file.

You can import CSV, XLSX, XLS and ODS files. Any import spreadsheet should be plain text to enable a seamless import.

How to import content

1. Click the 'Migrate' tab in the project you want to import into.

2. Select the 'Import' tab.
3. Drag the spreadsheet into the upload space shown. You can also click on the upload box to select a file from your file computer.

4. Click 'Import X items' when you see the 'Ready to import' message.

This will then import all the items from the spreadsheet. When you're running a large import, this may take some time.

5. Head to the 'Content' tab

This is where you'll see the imported items. If you leave the import screen, the import will continue to run in the background.

All imported items will have an 'auto template' structure applied to them. This is created by GatherContent, based on the number of columns containing content in the import spreadsheet.

Edit the 'Auto template' once you have completed the import if you need to. This is useful if you need to add extra fields and content to some items.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I turn my 'Auto template' into a template?

    All imported items will have an 'Auto template' applied. Treat this 'Auto template' like a normal template that you'd create manually from the Templates tab.

    Edit the 'Auto template' by renaming it to the template name of your choice. Also, edit the field labels and add instructions text to the fields.
  • The number of items on the 'ready to import' screen doesn't match the number of items in my spreadsheet.

    Applied formatting may be interfering with the spreadsheet structure being read correctly. Please save this file in a different format (CSV or XLSX) and try re-uploading.
  • Has the import finished? It's still loading and hasn't updated the page.

    This could mean the import hasn't worked for a variety of reasons. Things to check are:

    - If you've got any cell references in your spreadsheet, this may be blocking the import. Copy and paste your spreadsheet values as Plain Text (values only) and try importing this version.

    - Please remove any empty lines at the top of the spreadsheet. Also, please add field names in the column headers for any fields that contain content. The only cell that should be blank in the top row is the 1st cell on the left (the item names header).

Still having trouble importing your content from a spreadsheet? Please get in touch with us using the blue bubble at the bottom right hand corner inside GatherContent.

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