This article will explain what an item is and how items are structured. It also covers re-ordering items to update your sitemap and writing content in an item.

  • Items are the content pieces inside a project
    You'll find the items on the Content tab of a project. Each named page here is an item. Click on any item name to access the content inside. Click the 'Create New' button to add items. 
  • You can easily update your sitemap or item hierarchy
    Use the re-order button to edit your sitemap, and to quickly edit item titles.

  • Comments are used to discuss content with your team
    You can @mention your colleagues to notify them directly. Conversations can be resolved before moving an item onto the next status in the workflow. You can check the comment history to revisit older conversations.
  • Use the workflow status and due date to stay on top of creating content
    Items have a workflow status which tells you where it is in the project lifecycle. Each workflow status has a due date. You can see both of these at the top of an item.

You can find more articles on writing content in items in GatherContent here.

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