From inside a project, you can click the overview tab.

There are several pieces of information show on this page:

Project status

This shows an overview of the project's workflow, and how many items are in each workflow status.

You can click on one of the workflow status' to take you to the content hub, where the items are.

Recent activity

You can also see a stream of all the activity in the project, so you can see what's currently happening in the project, and click through to the item that's been worked on.

The recent activity shown in this list includes high-level activities such as:

  • creating an item
  • trashing an item
  • updating an item's workflow status

Content edits made by team members aren't shown in this list. They exist at the more granular level of the revision history within an item.

Items you're assigned to

If you're assigned to any items, they'll appear in a section underneath the 'Project status' information.

Click any items under the 'Items you're assigned to' section to open the item and begin editing.

Tip: The project status progress bar only shows the progress of items that you've got access to. If you've got access to all Items within a project, the progress bar will reflect that.

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