This article will explain what a project is, and how you can use them when creating content.

  • Projects are made up of folders and items (content pieces)
    Folders represent the hierarchy of your content, and folders contain items
  • Projects help to define the purpose of the content
    You could have a project per client that you work with, a project for each of your products, a project for an entire web redesign or for each phase of a larger web project.
  • Every project has a project type
    When creating a project you choose the project type. This choice gives you a different set of example templates and workflow stages. The project type can be changed at any time during the project lifecycle.
  • When you log into GatherContent, you'll see the project dashboard
    Choose which project you'd like to enter, and check the project's progress using the project progress bar. If you're assigned to any items in this project, you'll see a link to access them.
  • Your project dashboard will have some example projects
    Check these out to see how projects in GatherContent can be used. You can also play with these example projects and users to test out GatherContent's features in a real-life environment.

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