How do you update your integration configuration?

To update the configuration navigate to the Settings page. You can choose a default GatherContent Account, update your password, change your Integration credentials, as well as choose whether you want to synchronize the data automatically every time you log in. Please note, the duration of this procedure depends on the number of mappings that need to be updated.

What is the Sync Data functionality?

If changes occur to the structures of the templates in HubSpot, e.g. a template name has been changed, a field's name has been changed or removed, or similar changes to GatherContent templates or projects, the new data will be updated upon creating a new mapping. However, if you want to synchronize this data before creating a new mapping, you can press the Sync Data button, and the changes will be pulled through. Please note, this will update all of the mappings you have, so the execution time of this operation will depend on the number of changes, as well as the number of mappings affected. You can choose to do this operation by default every time you log in to your account. To do that, simply check the corresponding checkbox in the Settings, and click save.

Do you have multilingual support?

The integration doesn't support Hubspot multilingual content at this point, as that functionality is new to Hubspot. We will consider supporting this in the future.

If you have multilingual items you need to import to Hubspot, you can do so by creating multiple mappings for these templates, one per each language tab. Please note, a separate page will be created upon each import.

Is there custom module support?

Custom modules are not currently accessible via the Hubspot API. So we don't currently support them. We intend to support them as soon as they become available in the API.

Can you map call-to-actions?

At the moment it's not possible to map to CTA's. We hope to support this when Hubspot adds CTA tools to their public API.

Is the integration compatible with Hubspot Design Manager?

The GatherContent - Hubspot integration isn't compatible with the Hubspot Design Manager (currently in BETA). We'll consider supporting this in future.

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