Please note: We do not support the Hubspot Design Manager currently in BETA.

Once you have created a Mapping between a GatherContent and Hubspot template, you can start importing Items as Hubspot Pages, Blog Posts or Emails.

1. Click "Migrate' in your navigation

Choose the GatherContent Project you want to migrate Item(s) from. You'll only be able to see Projects with mapped templates in the dropdown. You also need to have at least one mapping to select a project and migrate content.

2. Select Items to migrate

Select one or more items you want to import and click 'Next'. You'll only see Items in the project which have the mapped template applied to them. You can filter Items by the GatherContent template name, workflow status or use the search box.

3. Make your selections before you Migrate

Choose the mapping and the mapping type which will be used per item. The mapping dropdown lists all the mappings you have for the template and the Hubspot template type (Page, Blog or Newsletter). If you have a single mapping, this will be automatically selected.

You can also select what you'd like the workflow Status in GatherContent and Hubspot should be after a successful import. You can select these per Item or in bulk at the bottom of the page.

4. Click 'Migrate' to start pushing your content to Hubspot

Once the migrate of content is complete, you'll be directed to a results page. This will show you what content has successfully imported across. If the Hubspot content has been "Published' then there will also be a link to open and review the exported content.

In order for a Blog Post to be published, a meta description has to be included. If it's not provided the post will be left as a draft, regardless of your workflow choice in the Migrate workflow options.

The pages created in Hubspot during the migration are connected to your GatherContent Item, and can be manually Updated if content changes occur.

Update Migrated content

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