Please note: We do not support the Hubspot Design Manager currently in BETA.

To migrate your content from GatherContent to Hubspot, you will first need to create a mapping between two templates.

1. Click the 'Add New Mapping' button

You can now start creating your first mapping.

2. Select GatherContent template for mapping

Select your account (if you have access to more than one GatherContent account), choose the project and then the GatherContent template you'd like to map. You'll see a list of all the templates from the project you selected. Once you've made your selection, click the 'Next Step' button.

3. Select Hubspot template for mapping

First you'll need to choose the Hubspot template type: Page, Email or Blog. Email will only be selectable when you've entered your additional HAPI key in your account settings. Once you've selected the template type, you can then choose the Hubspot template you'd like to map. Once you've made your selection, click the 'Next Step' button.

4. Map GatherContent fields with Hubspot fields

You can now map GatherContent template fields with your Hubspot template fields. Your GatherContent fields, across all of your tabs will be pre-populated. You can now select the corresponding Hubspot fields you would like to map to. In each dropdown you will only see the Hubspot field types that can be mapped to for the corresponding GatherContent field type.

You need to map at least one field to save your mapping. A Hubspot field can only be mapped to a single GatherContent field. If you don't want to import a particular field, select the 'Do Not Import' option.

Some field types in GatherContent do not have corresponding fields in Hubspot to map to (depending on the Hubspot template type selected). In these instances you'll only see 'Do Not Map' as an option.

Please check the mappings table that shows all the supported field mappings:

GatherContent field type
Hubspot field type
One Line Text, Rich Text, Heading, Topic, Metadata
Field content will be copied as it is

GatherContent field type
Hubspot field type
These fields will not be displayed in the mapping as a possible selection.

GatherContent field type
Hubspot field type
Blog Topics
The active checkboxes in your selected item will be imported as Topics when importing a blog post.

GatherContent field type
Radio Buttons
Hubspot field type
The active checkboxes in your selected item will be imported as Author name

when importing a blog post.

GatherContent field type
Hubspot field type
Rich text, Image, Image Slider
The images will be uploaded to the Hubspot CDN, and their appropriate URL will be inputted as the source for an image. If you've mapped to a rich text, the <img> tag will be added automatically.

5. 'Save' your mapping

Once you've mapped your fields don't forget to click the 'Save' button.

6. Choose mapping name

Choose a name for the mapping. Now select 'Save' and your new template will be added to your Template mappings list.

Edit or Delete Mapping

You can Edit or Delete any mapping you've created on your Template mappings page. When you edit a template mapping, you can change the mapped fields and change the name of the mapping.

Now that you've created your mapping, you can migrate content from all Items in GatherContent that use the mapped GatherContent template

Migrate content from GatherContent

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