The GatherContent - Hubspot integration isn't compatible with the Hubspot Design Manager. Please check which version of Hubspot you're using.

Please note that this integration is no longer actively maintained.

Using the GatherContent HubSpot integration, You can:

  • Migrate content into HubSpot
  • Update migrated content in HubSpot

How it works

By connecting your HubSpot account to GatherContent, you can import your content from your GatherContent account to HubSpot. You can migrate content as Hubspot pages, blog posts and even emails. You can also update your content in either direction.

Getting started

To get started navigate to GatherContent's Hubspot Integration Sign Up page.

You will be need to sign up for a separate account to GatherContent on the Hubspot integration to get started.

To sign up:

  • Enter your GatherContent email address
  • Enter your GatherContent API Key. Here's how you can generate an API key.
  • Create a new password. The integration, for security reasons, requires a new unique password.
  • Enter your Hubspot Sales Portal ID. Here's where you can find your Portal ID.

Once you've entered these details, click 'Continue'. You will be presented the Hubspot Authorisation screen, where you will see what Permission the integration requires. Click Authorise. If you have multiple Hubspot accounts, you will also need to choose which Hubspot account you'd like to use.

Log In

If you've already signed up, you can also just Log in.

Now that you've signed up and connected your two platforms the next step is to setup your mappings:

Mapping Setup

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