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Assigning people to workflow in the content editor
Assigning people to workflow in the content editor

Automate item responsibility by assigning people to workflow statuses.

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Note: Assigning people to workflow is only available on Scale and Transform plans.

Assigning people to workflow statuses can be done inside the content editor.

1. Open an item to view the content editor

2. View the workflow by clicking on the current status at the top of the screen

3. Hover or click on a status you want to assign someone to, and select the "Change assignees" option.

Tip: Can't see this button? Check you have permission to assign people. An admin on your account will be able to help you.

4. Click to select who you want to be assigned to that workflow status. Once you're happy, hit Save

Tip: To quickly unassign everyone from the selected status, just choose Unassign all. People assigned to other statuses, or those assigned to the item, will be unaffected.

Assign to item vs. assign to workflow

Assigning people to an item makes them responsible for that item as a whole, regardless of its current workflow status. This means they'll be notified of every status change and every comment that is added to the item.

People assigned to a workflow status will be notified when the item moves into the status they're responsible for. They will then receive the usual notifications until the item moves to a different workflow status, at which point they will be automatically unassigned from the item.

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