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'How to' guide for authors, reviewers, and approvers
'How to' guide for authors, reviewers, and approvers

Teaches your team how to get going with the brilliant basics of Content Workflow.

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Content Workflow is a tool that allows you to create, organise, and collaborate on content.

Getting around in Content Workflow

When you first log in, you'll see your projects in the overview:

Inside a project, you'll find the items. Items are the content pieces of a project, so your content will be written inside an item.

You'll find a project's content on the content hub.

Navigating the project hierarchy using folders

The project is made up of folders, which outline the project hierarchy. Click into any folder to open it, and see the items inside.

The folder with the same name as the project is the top level of the hierarchy.

Getting around in an item

Click an item's name to open it.

If you want to go back to the content hub to open a different item, click the back arrow or the hamburger menu.

Add text content to a page

You'll notice the page is laid out with different fields. Click inside a text field and begin typing to write content. There may be handy hints just below the field, which helps to guide you when writing. Your content is automatically saved as you write👍

Add files, images, or videos to a page

Text can only be added to text fields, so to add images or files, you need to add them to an asset field. They look a bit different:

Click the link, navigate to the folder where your file is, or drag and drop it into the field to upload it.

Add metadata

Tabs may also be used on items. Tabs allow information that's still related to be stored separately. For example, metadata may be collected on another tab in an item, or content translated into a different language.

In an item, click another tab to open it. Type into any text field to add content.

When you open an item, you'll always see tab 1 first.

Format text

You'll see a formatting bar across the top of the item with several options available. Choose the formatting you need and begin typing in the text field. To apply different headings to text, click the dropdown menu at the far left of the formatting toolbar, then choose your font style.

How to review and approve

Your team should provide you with some guidance on how they want you to use Content Workflow to review and approve a piece of content. Some teams only require you to leave comments and change the workflow status, whereas others require users to edit the content too.

How do I find my assignments?

You can find out which items are assigned to you from the content hub. Your avatar will appear in the assignees' column. You may also see a due date to let you know when it is expected to be completed.

Tip: If you see many items, you can select the 'My assignments' folder to the left to view all items that are assigned to you.

Add a comment

To add a comment to some text, highlight it. At the right-hand side of the field, you'll see a comment bubble. Click it, and begin typing your comment in the box. Alternatively, you can select the comment icon from the formatting toolbar.

If you want to notify your colleagues of your comment, type the @ symbol on your keyboard, and then type your colleague's name. You should see a list of people you can choose from as you type.

Participate in conversations

When you open an item, any open conversations will be shown on the right-hand side.

Click a comment to open the conversation thread. You can add a reply in the box at the bottom, as above. Be sure to @mention any colleagues in your response, that you want to notify!

Updating the workflow status of an item

The workflow in the project describes the content journey, from being created to being published. It contains a group of statuses, which the content moves through while being worked on.

Each item has a workflow status applied to it. Check it at the top of an item, to understand what needs to be done on the item and who needs to do it.

Once you've done your actions on a page, you may need to move it along in the workflow, to the next status. Click the current workflow status at the top of the item.

Hover over the workflow status you want to move the item to. If you want to let your team know about the status change you're making, click the bell icon, and then the 'Add people' icon to search for your colleagues. You can also write a message in the text box.

Then click 'Complete & notify' against it, to move it onto that status

Your email notifications

If you're @mentioned in a comment, you'll see a summary of this in your emails titled 'Recent activity in Content Workflow’.

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