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Getting developers on board
Getting developers on board

How to get your developers using Content Workflow effectively.

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There is different criteria for item structures in Content Workflow. One is to make your items work for authors. When people get to an item, they know exactly what content is needed for that item and what needs to be populated.

But before you even get to that stage you need to make sure your item structures also work for developers, from a technical point of view.

The way these items are broken down and the way the content is chunked up needs to reflect the way the item is going to be published when live.

If you don’t do this you risk ending up with square pegs that won’t fit into round holes. So we always recommend that the development team are involved in building item structures and that also helps to get them engaged in Content Workflow as a tool. It also reassures them that they have been listened to and the content will eventually be passed to them in a way that works for their needs.

Getting other members of the team involved is also recommended, such as consulting with designers on how the content in Content Workflow works for them. Use Content Workflow for effective collaboration to minimise pitfalls and project delays.

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