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Configuring a text field to be repeatable

To add a repeatable field open the structure and template editor.

Either create a new text field or update an existing field by clicking the ‘settings’ link next to the field:

To make a text field repeatable, switch the “Repeatable” toggle on.

Leaving the “Limit to” toggle switched off will mean you can repeat this text field as many times as you like. Setting a limit, restricts the number of times the given text field can be repeated.

Save & close to return to your item or save as template.

Creating a repeated text field

Open an item containing a repeatable text field as defined in the previous section. In the example above we created a structure containing one repeatable and one non-repeatable text field.

The repeatable text field will now have a button below to add another text field:

Click this button to repeat the text field.

If you set a limit on the number of repeats allowed on the text field, then you will be notified on that limit being reached as per the below screenshot:

Re-ordering repeated text fields

Hovering over a repeatable text field label will display arrow icons. Clicking the arrows allows you to re-order your repeatable text fields.

Clicking the arrow will move the field up or down one place, The gif below shows the text field with the word 'hi' moving as that field is moved up and down:

Deleting repeated text fields

Hovering over a repeatable text field label will also display a trash icon. Clicking this icon will allow you to delete a repeatable text field without requiring confirmation.

Deleting a repeated text field containing content will prompt you for a confirmation:

Repeatable field revision history

When reviewing revision history there are a new events to note around repeatable field changes.

Firstly, a repeatable field being added is highlighted in green in the revision it was added:

A deleted repeatable field is highlighted in red in the revision it was deleted:

Repeatable fields that have been re-ordered are highlighted in purple in the revision the were re-ordered in:


API V2 Breaking changes

In order to support repeatable fields when fetching, updating and creating items via the API we had to slightly alter the request (create/update) and response structures (fetch) when dealing with items on the new API version. This will only affect users directly using our v2 API, and the updated documentation can be found at

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