Sitefinity Integration: Import content

Once you've mapped your templates, follow these steps to import your content from Content Workflow into Sitefinity.

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Data Integrity Note
If you are using this module for the first time it is a good idea to back up your database and do a full test of the imported content.

Follow these steps to import content from your mapped templates:

1. Select the 'Import' button

2. Select account

Select the account which contains the project with the items you want to import.

3. Select project

All projects with a mapped template will be listed in the project dropdown. Select the one you want to import items from.

4. Select Items

Select the items you want to import. For each item - select a mapping, as there can be multiple mappings created. If there is a single mapping for your Item, you won't have to make a mapping selection.

5. Specify status and whether hierarchy should be kept

The Sitefinity connector supports updating the status of the items in Content Workflow on import. To do this - you simply select a Content Workflow status from the "Change status to:" dropdown. For pages and dynamic content items hierarchy can also be kept. For example, if you are importing a few items with different mappings at once and you want them to have the same hierarchy as in Content Workflow, simply check the "Keep hierarchy" checkbox. This way the importer will track the parent hierarchy for each imported page and will apply it in Sitefinity.

6. Start import

Clicking the "Start" button will launch the import process. The process can take some time depending on the number of items to be imported. Once the process is started, you will see the import status. The import process is an asynchronous process, so you can leave the page once the import has started. Coming back will bring the status screen so you can monitor your import.

7. View import results

After the import is finished, the import result screen will appear where all imported and not imported Items are shown with their respective descriptions. It is now possible to open an item in Content Workflow.

The import results page will list all successful and failed imports. Imports can fail for multiple reasons - common reasons are - template changes either in Content Workflow or Sitefinity, temporary connectivity issues between your web server and Content Workflow server and more.

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