AEM Integration: Import content

Import content from Content Workflow into AEM.

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Follow these steps to import content from your mapped templates:

Click 'Import' from 'Import to AEM' menu

After all the mapping criteria are set, navigate to the Import section.

Set Content Workflow project and select Items to import

At this stage, you can select any Content Workflow project with a mapped template from Import Mappings and Select the Items you would like to import.

You can filter Items by Content Workflow workflow status and Template. You can also select a new status for items that will be updated in Content Workflow after import.

Clicking the "Next" button navigates you to the next step.

Set Import Path and Specify Mappings

At this stage Import path and mappings can be changed individually for any item.

If a template for an item has more than one mapping defined, the system will show a dropdown with possible mappings next to each such Item. The items which are parts of the hierarchy will be imported under their parent items import path. The Import Path field is not available for such items.

Click the "Import" button. This will launch the confirmation screen.

Start import

Clicking the "Confirm" button will launch the import process. The process can take some time depending on the number of items to be imported.

During the import process, AEM items will be created in accordance with specified templates and field mappings. All imported items will be created in a hierarchical structure under the selected parent node (so the Content Workflow Item hierarchy will be replicated). The Content editor is free to rearrange all items, the new structure will be kept during further Import Updates.

View import results

After the import is finished, the import result screen will appear where all imported and not imported items are shown. It is now possible to open an item in AEM or Content Workflow.

The import results page will list all successful and failed imports. Open the "See log" link to discover the failed import cause.

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