AEM Integration: Configuration

Setting up the AEM integration.

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To start using the AEM Content Workflow connector first you need to create and setup the Content Workflow configuration:

Create a new Content Workflow configuration

Click [+] or "Configure Now" and enter the Title and optional Name in the Create Configuration dialog. Save the configuration.

Click the "Edit" button to open the Content Workflow Credentials Authentication dialog.

Enter GC Credentials

Enter the following information and click "Verify":

  1. Content Workflow User Email Address - This is the email address you use to log in to Content Workflow. Your permissions will determine what accounts, projects and content are available.

An error message will appear if entered credentials are not valid.

On successful validation select your Content Workflow account (if you have multiple accounts all associated with the same email address they will all be listed) and click "OK".

You can also reset your connections by clicking the "Reset" button.

Select your Content Workflow Editor Type

You'll likely be using the newest version of Content Workflow. To confirm, do you see the 'Migrate' tab on the main navigation in Content Workflow? If so, you are using the New Editor.

If you see the 'Connect & Export' tab instead, you're using the Legacy version.

Test Connection

After credentials are set you can test the connection to the Content Workflow platform by following these steps:

Click the "Test Connection" button

Successful connection

If the connection is successful, the user will see the following message:

Failed connection

If the connection isn’t successful, a fail message will be shown, meaning that the credentials are incorrect.

Once you've successfully entered your credentials you can set up your template mappings:

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