Drupal Integration - Step 2: Template Mappings

Set up a template mapping to push and pull content between GatherContent and Drupal.

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Introduction to Template Mappings

To import content from GatherContent, you need to set up mappings between your templates in GatherContent and content types in Drupal. Follow these steps to map your templates.

Setting up a Template Mapping

1. Select the GatherContent Templates
Go to the following sections in order to select the templates from GatherContent you'd like to map.

  • Drupal 7
    Location: Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Mappings > Add GatherContent Template (/admin/configuration/GatherContent/mapping/create)

  • Drupal 8
    Location: Manage > Configuration > GatherContent > Mappings > Add GatherContent Template (/admin/configuration/GatherContent/mapping/create)

Only Templates you've not already selected will be listed. Once you've chosen your Templates, click the 'Select' button. You will then be taken to 'Manage Mappings'.

2. Select 'create' to map the templates
On your 'Manage Mappings' page, click the 'create' link for the GatherContent template you'd like to map.

Tip: Selecting the 'delete' option will remove the Template from the 'Manage Mappings' page.

3. Select the Drupal content type
Select the Drupal content type you'd like to map with the GatherContent Template. This will populate the fields for mapping.

4. Map fields and click 'Create Mappings'
Map fields from the GatherContent template with the Drupal Content Type selected. Only corresponding field types can be mapped between GatherContent and Drupal.

If you don’t map a GatherContent field, this field will be ignored during the import and future updates. A GatherContent field can only be mapped to the Drupal field once. Click the 'Create Mappings' button when you're done.

Supported Field Types

Once complete, you can move onto importing your content.

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