Kentico Integration: Introduction

Getting started with the Kentico Integration.

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Integrate GatherContent with Kentico 9.0, Kentico 10.0 & Kentico 11.0.

You can:

  • Migrate content into Kentico

  • Update migrated content in Kentico

How it works

GatherContent’s Kentico integration allows content editors to import and update content from GatherContent to Kentico. Editors are able to specify mappings, defining which templates and fields should be mapped and then imported. The integration also provides a backward connection, allowing content editors to update the GatherContent workflow status for all items that are successfully imported.

The integration was produced and is maintained by Brimit, in partnership with GatherContent.

Versions Supported

The module supports Kentico 9.0 and 10.0. There are separate modules for each version of Kentico.

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