Umbraco Integration: Installation

Find out how to install the Content Workflow Umbraco integration.

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The Content Workflow connector is an Umbraco module and is delivered as an Umbraco package. The following steps should be completed to install the module:

Download package

Download the package for your version from Umbraco Projects.

Navigate to the Developer section in the Umbraco left-hand menu.

Select "Install local package"

Select "Install local package" menu item under Packages node. Install package page will appear on the right side, once you click the item. Read the message in the orange box. Your agreement is required to proceed.

Select "Choose File" and then "Load Package"

Pick the package provided by Content Workflow by clicking "Choose File" and then click "Load Package".

Select "Install Package"

Click the Install Package button to start the installation process. Accept license also needs to be checked off before you can proceed.

Select "Users"

When the installation has finished, go to "Users" from the left-hand menu, then choose the user you would like to use the module and check Content Workflow checkbox for that user. Repeat these steps for every user who will be using the module.

Once you've installed the package the next step is to configure the integration:

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