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Drupal Integration - Step 3: Migrating and updating content
Drupal Integration - Step 3: Migrating and updating content

Import content from Content Workflow into Drupal and update existing content.

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Migrate your Items from Content Workflow to Drupal

Once you've set up your template mappings you can start importing content to Drupal. Here are the steps for importing content.

1. Go to the Import page

  • Drupal 7
    Location: Admin > Configuration > Content Workflow > Import

  • Drupal 8
    Location: Manage > Configuration > Content Workflow > Import

2. Choose the Content Workflow Project to import content from
Only Projects with mapped Templates will be visible in the dropdown options. Once you've selected your Project all the content (Items) with mapped templates will be populated.

3. Choose the Items to import
You can filter by Content Workflow Workflow status and Template name to select the Items you want to Import.
For each item you can choose the status in Drupal after you've imported, so if content should be published or unpublished. You can also define your content hierarchy. From the menu drop-downs for each Item you can select a specific parent or not, to create a menu item, the default value is set to the default parent item from the Drupal content type configuration. Once you've selected the content you want to import click the 'Continue' button.

4. Confirm your import selection
Review your selection and click the 'Import' button. At this stage, you can also choose whether you'd like to update the Content Workflow workflow status of the Items you're importing. You can also choose the Content update method here.

5. View the import results

Once the import is finished, you will be redirected to the import results page. From here you will be able to see what has been imported successfully and what has failed to import and why. You can also click the links to open the imported content directly.

Update your content in Drupal with any changes made in Content Workflow

There are two ways you can update content in Drupal:

  • Re-import content

  • Update content

Re-import content

Go to the Import Content page and repeat the same steps as for importing content.
You can choose the update method based on whether you want to: always update content, always create new content or only create new content if you made any changes to existing content in Drupal, so these changes won't get lost.

Update content

Tip: New data from Content Workflow will always override your existing content in Drupal.

If changes to content have been made to imported Items directly in Content Workflow, you can quickly update the content in Drupal by following these steps:

1. Go to the update page
Location: (/admin/content/update).

2. Select content to update and press 'Execute'/'Next'

  • Drupal 7
    Choose the content you would like to update.
    Then select the 'Update from Content Workflow' option from the 'Operations' dropdown.
    Finally, click the 'Execute' button.

  • Drupal 8
    Choose the content you would like to update.
    Press the 'Next' button.

3. Confirm your selection

4. Review update results
Once the update had been processed you will be taken to the 'Update results' page where you can review what content has been successfully updated and if any has failed to update (including the reasons why). You can also quickly view the updated content by clicking the links.

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