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Drupal Integration - Step 1: Install and Configuration
Drupal Integration - Step 1: Install and Configuration

​Getting started with the Drupal integration and how to download, install and configure the module.

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Introduction to the Drupal Integration

Integrate Content Workflow with Drupal. Using the integration you can:

  • Migrate content from Content Workflow into Drupal

  • Update migrated content in Drupal

  • Update your content in Content Workflow with changes from Drupal

How does the integration work?

The integration allows you to quickly migrate mapped content from Content Workflow to Drupal. Content can be imported as any sort of node content type.

The integration was produced and is maintained by Cheppers, in partnership with Content Workflow.

Versions supported

The module supports Drupal 7, 8, and 10.

This module isn’t backward compatible with older versions of the module and we don’t provide any upgrade path for it.

Installing the Content Workflow Module

Follow these steps to install the Drupal module:

1. Download the package

Download the package from

2. Install the package on your Drupal site

Follow the steps outlined on to install your Content Workflow module (in case of version 8.x-4.x make sure to enable the Content Workflow UI, Content Workflow Upload and Content Workflow Upload UI modules as well, all found in the same package):

3. Check the menu item exists

After you install the Content Workflow module, you will find a new menu item named Content Workflow in:

  • Drupal 7
    Location: the Admin > Configuration menu (/Admin/Configuration/GatherContent).

Tip: The Drupal 7 module needs Guzzle v5.3.1 as a dependency.

  • Drupal 8
    Location: Manage > Configuration menu (/Admin/Configuration/GatherContent).

Tip: The Drupal 8 module uses the Guzzle module attached to the core install.

Configuring the module

Here's how you can authenticate your module after installing it:

1. Head to Authentication
You will find authentication in:

  • Drupal 7
    Location: Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Authentication (/admin/configuration/GatherContent/configuration).

  • Drupal 8
    Location: Manage > Configuration > GatherContent > Authentication (/admin/configuration/GatherContent/configuration).

2. Enter your email address and API Key
Enter your Content Workflow user email address and your Content Workflow API Key. Here’s information on where you can generate an API key from. Then click the 'Verify' button.

3. Choose the Content Workflow account to connect to
After verifying your credentials, you need to choose the Content Workflow account you will be using to import content. Then click the 'Save' button.

4. Test the connection
You can test the connection with your Content Workflow account on the 'Test connection' tab.

5. Set the import configuration details
You can set some global options for your future imports and updates such as the default update method or default node status after an import/update.

You will find the import configurations in:

  • Drupal 7
    Location: Admin > Configuration > GatherContent > Import configuration (admin/configuration/GatherContent/import-config)

  • Drupal 8
    Location: Manage > Configuration > GatherContent > Import configuration (admin/configuration/GatherContent/import-config).

Once complete, you can move on to setting up your Template Mappings.

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