Sitecore Integration - Step 2: Template Mappings

Set up a template mapping to push content from GatherContent to Sitecore.

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Introduction to Template Mappings

To import content from GatherContent, the content editor needs to set up mappings between your Templates in GatherContent and templates in Sitecore and their corresponding fields. Follow these steps to map your templates.

Setting up a Template Mapping

1. Click the 'Mappings' button on the GatherContent ribbon
This will take you to the 'Manage template mappings' screen.

2. Click the 'Add Mapping' button
This will bring up the Field Mappings dialog. The Field Mappings dialog lets you specify which templates and fields should be mapped.

3. Add the mapping details
3.1 First specify a name for the mapping. The mapping name will be used to distinguish mappings on import dialogs.

3.2 Set the default location (optional).
This helps specify the default location (node) in Sitecore where imported Items will be stored. The field is also used on multi-location import dialog to pre-fill the location pickers.

3.3 Select the GatherContent Project and Template. Also, select the corresponding Sitecore template.

Specify the GatherContent project and Template you want to map and choose the corresponding Sitecore template (only templates that are stored under the Templates Root Folder will be visible there).

4. Map the GatherContent fields to Sitecore fields
Once you've added the mapping details (as above), all tabs and fields will be dynamically populated. You can now choose which GatherContent fields (on the left-hand side) map to which Sitecore fields (on the right-hand side).

Tip: Only fields that are possible to map are displayed in the drop-downs. For example, it is not possible to map a text field from GatherContent to an image field in Sitecore.

Please note that the right-side dropdown displays all fields from the selected Sitecore template, along with fields from all base templates, which the current template inherits.

Tip: The plug-in supports many-to-one field mappings for text and guidelines field types. This means that it is possible to map, for example, two GatherContent fields into one Sitecore field. The content of such fields will be concatenated and placed in the Sitecore field.

Supported Field Types

5. Click the 'Save Mappings Configuration' button

Once complete, you're ready to migrate over your content.

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