This article explains how to get the most out of filtering in the content hub.
You can filter by:

To get started, click on '+ Add filter'. This button is accessible from All items, My assignments, and any of your project folders.

You'll then have the option to filter by Assignee, Item name, Overdue or Status. You can use any combination of these filters to quickly find relevant items. 

For example, you might want to filter items assigned to 'John' and that are 'Overdue'. Alternatively, you might want to filter items that contain the name 'News' with the status 'Review'.

Let's go over them in more detail below.


As it suggests, this allows you to filter your items by who is assigned to them. When you choose to filter by assignee, you'll be shown a list of everybody in your account. For larger accounts, you might find it easier to use the search bar to find people. Clicking on a person will immediately show you items assigned to that person.

Item name

This allows you to filter items that contain your chosen string of text in their name. To do this, simply type into the text box. Items automatically start filtering as you type. To confirm your filter, you can either click 'Done' or click outside of the filter menu.


This filter acts as a toggle and instantly displays items that are overdue.


Use this filter to show items that are at a particular stage in your workflow. The statuses in your project are displayed as they appear on the workflow tab in your project, and clicking on a status will instantly apply the filter.

Changed your mind about a filter? Not a problem! Clicking on an existing filter will allow you to change its value and clicking on the cross will (you guessed it) remove the filter.

Sorting items by column

In the Content hub you can sort items by clicking on the column headers:

You can now sort:

  • Alphabetically on item names
  • Alphabetically on template names
  • Due-dates
  • Last time the items were updated
  • By the number of assignees on an item
  • By folder
  • By the number of comments on an item

You can also toggle sorting off, to return to the default. Click again on a column heading to toggle sorting off.

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