GatherContent is a tool that allows you to create, organise and collaborate on content.

Here's the basics of how to navigate around GatherContent:

As an approver, you'll need to know a few specific tasks in more detail.

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Getting around in GatherContent

When you first log in, you'll see projects you have access to on the dashboard:

and inside a project you'll find the items you have access to. Items are the content pieces of a project, so your content will be written inside an item.

You'll find a project's content in the content hub.

Navigating the project hierarchy using folders

The project is made up of folders, which outline the project hierarchy. Click into any folder to open it, and see the items inside.

The folder with the same name of the project is the top level of the hierarchy.

Getting around in an item

Click an item's name to open it.

If you want to go back to the content hub to open a different item, click the back arrow or the hamburger menu.

What am I approving?

You will be able to see which items you are expected to review and approve as you will see your initials next to that item.  If you do not see your initials, you should clarify with your team.

You may also see a due date to let you know when it is expected to be approved by.

Tip: If you see many items, you will be able to filter to only see your own assignments by ticking the 'Only show my assignments' checkbox.

How do I approve?

Your team should provide you some guidance on how they want you you use GatherContent to review and approve a piece of content. Most teams only require Approvers to leave comments and change the workflow status which we will explain how to do below.

Add a comment

As an Approver, it's possible that you may need to leave a comment on a piece of content.

To add a comment to some text, highlight it. At the right-hand side of the formatting bar that pops-up, you'll see a comment bubble. Click it, and begin typing your comment in the box.

Tip: If you do not see the comment bubble pop up, it means you have not been given permissions to add a comment or the item is in a 'read only' state. If this is the case, we recommend that you speak to the account owner.

If you want to notify your colleagues of your comment, type the @ symbol on your keyboard, and then type your colleagues name. You should see a list of people you can choose from as you type.

When you're ready, press 'Send' to finalise your comment.

Moving an item to the next workflow status

The workflow in the project describes the content journey, from being created to being published. It contains a group of statuses, which the content moves through while being worked on.

Each item has a workflow status applied to it. Check it at the top of an item, to understand what needs to be done on the item and who needs to do it.

Once you've completed your review, it is likely that you will need to move it along in the workflow, to the next status to show that you have approved.

Click the current workflow status at the top of the item and from the drop-down you can select 'Mark as complete'.

Users who are assigned to the item will automatically be notified of the status change.

Tip: If you want to let additional people status change you're making, click the bell icon, and then the 'Add people' Icon to search for your colleagues. You can also write a message in the text box.

Then click 'Notify and complete' against it, to move it onto the next status.

Your email notifications

When an item is passed over to you, you may also get a notification saying that somebody else changed the status of an item. If they’ve left you a personalised message you’ll see that too, as in the email below.

What next?

Usually, your role will end when you have passed items into the next workflow status to show your approval but your team can confirm what 'done' means to you as an Approver.

If you do have any questions, we'd recommend you contact your account owner or the person who invited you for more information.

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