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Sitecore Integration - Step 1: Install and Configuration
Sitecore Integration - Step 1: Install and Configuration

​Getting started with the Sitecore integration and how to download, install and configure the module.

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Introduction to the Sitecore integration

Integrate Content Workflow with Sitecore. Using the integration you can:

  • Migrate content from Content Workflow into Sitecore

  • Update migrated content in Sitecore

How does the integration work?

Content Workflow's Sitecore integration allows content editors to import and update content from Content Workflow to Sitecore. Editors are able to specify mappings, defining which templates and fields should be mapped and then imported using Template Mappings. The integration also provides a backward connection, allowing content editors to update the Content Workflow workflow status for all items that are successfully imported.

The integration was produced and is maintained by Brimit, in partnership with Content Workflow.

Versions Supported

The module supports Sitecore 8.1, 8.2 9.0 and 10

Installing the Sitecore module

The Content Workflow connector is a Sitecore module and is delivered as a Sitecore package. The following steps should be completed to install the module:

1. Download the package for your version of Sitecore here:

2. Go to the Sitecore Menu and then to Development Tools. You can find this from the main Dashboard by clicking Desktop > Sitecore Menu > Development Tools.

3. Launch the ' Installation Wizard'

4. Select ' Upload Package' and search for the package you downloaded

5. Upload the Content Workflow package and press 'Next'

6. Verify the package information and click 'Install

7. When the installation has finished, click 'Close'

Configuring the module

A Content Workflow account module is created during the installation. The module is used to store user credentials that connect the Content Workflow account via the API and settings of the plugin. You have to set all of these parameters in order to start.

1. Open the Content Editor and navigate to /sitecore/system/Modules/Content Workflow item

2. Scroll down the page slightly to the 'Credentials' section and add your credentials

Enter your Content Workflow User Email Address, API Key and Platform URL and click 'Save' when done.

You can find instructions on how to generate your API Key in our API documentation.
Tip: Your email address is case-sensitive.

3. Update your Settings - OPTIONAL
Once you've set up your credentials you can also customise the following settings:

4. Click the 'Test Connection' button in the ribbon
After your credentials are set you can test the connection to the Content Workflow platform by following these steps:

If the connection is successful, then you'll see the following message:

If the connection isn’t successful, a fail message will be shown, meaning that the credentials are incorrect.

Once connected, the next step is to set up your Template Mappings.

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