Keep a track of a project's due dates with the calendar. You'll find this on the Calendar tab of a project.

Checking item due dates

If you've set due dates for any items in your project, they'll show up on the calendar. You can find out how to set a due date here.

Each project has its own calendar, so you'll only see due dates that belong to the project calendar you're currently in. You can check which project you're in by looking at the project name at the top left of the screen.

Click into any item entry on the calendar to see the details. You'll see:

  • the item name
  • the current workflow status of the item (indicated by the first colour block - hover for the name of the status)
  • the name of the workflow status which this due date belongs to
  • details of the due date and time for this item
  • anyone assigned to this item

Any items that are overdue will have an 'Overdue' label, and appear in red.

At the top left of the calendar, you'll see a dropdown. You can select any workflow status, to filter the calendar to show only the due dates for items moving to that status.

Only see 'my assignments'

To filter the calendar to show only items you're assigned to, click the 'Only show my assignments' button.

Exporting due dates to your personal calendar

You're able to export a project's due dates to your personal calendar. Compatible calendars are iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook. Click the button at the bottom-right of the calendar to do this.

You'll get the option to export all due dates or just ones that apply to you.

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