Choosing how you'd like to set up your text fields is a key consideration when building your project. This article explains how to set text fields to be rich or plain text and how to switch between those options later on.

Set your text field settings

When building an item structure, you can choose to set each text field as either rich text or plain text.

  • Rich text fields allow people to edit the formatting of the text, including heading styles, bold, hyperlinks and more.
  • Plain text fields allow people to only write the text. You can apply formatting later on when the content is in your CMS.

1. Go into the template or structure that you want to set the text field types for. You can get here in two ways:

  • Directly clicking the template name from the Templates tab
  • From inside an item, by clicking the name of the template or structure currently applied, and then 'Edit this Template or Structure'

2. Once in the structure editor, locate the field you want to set to rich or plain text.
3. In the top-right of the field, click on the 'Plain text' settings button.

4. If you want to enable plain text, simply flip the 'Enabled' toggle to green. To disable plain text, and revert the field to using rich text to allow formatting, flip the toggle again to 'off'.

5. If the field is plain text, you'll see the plain text icon as green, and 'Plain text' written underneath the field label.

Tip: All text fields are rich text by default.

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