This article will explain how to invite your team to GatherContent, and run through how permissions and access to content works.

You can manage your team's access to GatherContent from the People & Groups area, found by clicking on your avatar.

  • Every person in your GatherContent account belongs to a group and has a role
    Groups are used to organise your people, and to help you find people more quickly by splitting up a list i.e. internal teams, external agencies, legal team, etc.
    A role is a set of permissions, which can be applied to multiple people. This determines things like whether people can write content, edit item structure, or see everything inside a project they have access to.
  • A person can only belong to one group at a time
    You can drag and drop your people between groups to change this.
  • You can invite people to your account from the People & Groups area
    To add people to GatherContent, their role should be created first as you need to apply this when sending the invite. Those invited will receive an email with an invite link inside. When they click the invite link, they'll be asked to set a password.
  • From a person's profile in the People & Groups area, you can perform other useful actions
    You can resend their welcome email when inviting them to GatherContent, reset their password, and delete their user.

You'll find more articles on managing people in GatherContent here.

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