This article will explain how to get started writing content, and how to collaborate with your team in GatherContent.

Each project has a content hub. This is where all of the content for this project is held. 

Projects are made up of folders and items. Folders represent the hierarchy of your content, and folders contain items.

Click on a folder to open it and see the items inside.

Each piece of content is an item, that makes up the project.

  • Items are structured using fields
    Inside an item, you enter content into fields which make up the structure of the item. You can use text fields, asset fields and more. This structure can be saved as a template, which you can easily apply to multiple items.
  • You can format your content using the formatting toolbar or keyboard shortcuts
    Any formatting applied will kept when migrating your content to your CMS.
  • Check which items you're assigned to
    You can check if you're assigned to any items from a project's Overview tab, from the list of your assignments or from the content hub, by clicking the 'only show my assignments' button. 

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