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Integrate with Slack for workflow status updates
Integrate with Slack for workflow status updates

Get notified in Slack when an item's workflow status has been updated in Content Workflow.

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Let Slack notify you when an item's status has been updated in Content Workflow with our Slack integration.

Set up the Slack integration

Slack Integration Tutorial - Please click play which will open the the video in a new tab.

To set up the Slack integration you need access to the project's Settings tab. To access this you'll need the permission, Create Project, enabled on your role.

1. In the project you want to set up notifications for, go to the Settings tab

2. Scroll down the page to the Slack integration section

3. Enter the name of the Slack channel you want to connect with, and enter the channel's webhook. 

Make sure that the channel name is exactly as it's shown on Slack, e.g. #slack-Contentworkflow

If your Slack channel doesn't have a webhook set up yet, follow these instructions to set up an incoming webhook.

4. Then press 'Create Slack integration'. You'll see your channel has been added to the list.

Now, any items' status updates will be sent to your connected Slack channel. 

You can set this up for other projects from the project's Settings tab, using the same method.

Which notifications can be pushed to Slack?

At the moment the Slack integration only allows you to send updates about status changes. We plan on adding more types of notifications soon though, so let us know if there's anything you'd like to see added.

Who can see the notifications in Slack?

Anyone who is part of the Slack channel will be able to see the notifications. Before you start updating item statuses, we recommend you take a quick look at the channel's member list and notification settings to avoid spamming anyone.

If your team clicks an item mentioned in a Slack notification, they'll be taken to the Content Workflow login screen. If they're already logged into Content Workflow, they'll be taken straight into the item (if they have access).

If they don't have access to to the item or project, they won't be able see the item.

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