The content map visually represents a project's hierarchy, as shown on the content hub.

Open the content map for a whole project

1. Go to the content hub in the main navigation.

2. Hover over the name of your project in the left sidebar. 

3. Click the settings menu (three dots) and select 'View content map'.

It shows the structure and relationship between items in your project, and the current workflow status of an item.

You can collapse and expand any folder in hierarchy by clicking on it, which will collapse all the items underneath. This allows you to easily view the structure of your project at different levels.

If you click on the arrow in the top right of a folder, you can view a subtree of just that folder branch and it's items, which opens in a new tab.

To get back to the project overview, click on the title of the sitemap in the top left of the screen.

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