Download assets from an item

Thumbnails of files can be seen in asset fields on an item.

When hovering on an asset you can:

  • download the asset by clicking the download icon (arrow)
  • delete images or files by clicking the trash bin icon
  • comment on an asset by clicking the comment bubble icon
  • preview a larger version of your asset (images only) by clicking the two arrows

To download all on the assets on an item, click the Settings menu and select 'Download all files'.

Download assets from a project

You can find all of your project's assets from the content hub.

  1. Click the 'Items' header
  2. From the dropdown, select 'Files'.

From here, you can download all files from your project, download a selection of files from your project, or permanently delete files from your project.

File size limits

Files can be uploaded to an item using an asset field. The most common use for assets is for images and graphics that will be embedded in your published content, or documents that will be downloadable from the items.

Maximum size limit: You can only uploads assets that are smaller than 50mb per file.

Minimum size limit: You can only upload assets that are larger than 1kb. If you're trying to upload a button icon or something else small, please increase the size of the asset to above 1kb, and re-upload.

Tip: We don't compress any files or images uploaded to an asset field.

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