Including guidelines and instructions on your templates will make it easier for your team to understand the details around the content that needs to be written. It minimises back and forth so you can get your content written faster.

Add instructions to a field

To add instructions to a field, you need to be in the structure editor. You can edit the structure of an item or template applied to an item two ways:

  • From an item

  • From the Templates tab

1. As part of the field that you want to edit, click in the box where it says "Include some instructions for this field..".

2. Add your instructions and then save the template when you're done.

Add a guidelines field to a structure

1. In the structure editor, drag and drop a guidelines field onto the page.

2. Name the field and underneath include any guidelines you want to share with your team.

Tip: You can use formatting to include bullets, text formatting, or hyperlinks. All hyperlinks should be added with a http(s):// at the beginning e.g.

3. Save the template or structure when you're done.

Re-name your fields

1. In the structure editor, hover over the field name you want to update and click either the current name or the pencil.

2. Save the template or structure when you're done.

Add word or character limits to a text field

1. In the structure editor, locate the field you want to add the word or character limit to.
2. In the top-right of the field, click on the 'Content limit' button.

3. Flip the toggle 'Enabled' toggle to 'on'.

4. Enter the amount you want to limit the content by, then choose the type (characters or words).

5. Save the template or structure when you're done.

Tip: Our character limit counts include spaces.

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