Several things have changed between the legacy version and newest version of GatherContent. Please see the sections below for details of the changes.

Writing content

  • We now support live collaboration, so you and your team can make content edits at the same time!
  • You can use emojis in the content
  • All content is now saved using the autosave.
  • The formatting bar no longer appears automatically. It will appear when you highlight some content to format.
  • You can now easily insert a table, numbered and ordered lists, and quotes
  • You can view and copy the HTML of a field or an item, but HTML editing is no longer supported.
  • You can now see in-line word and character counts for an item
  • Information shown on the Activity tab has been incorporated into the Revision history.
  • Notes are no longer supported. You should add in-inline comments to empty spaces or to Guidelines fields instead.
  • Entries items have been converted to standard items and templates in the newest version of GatherContent.


  • Commenting is available on assets and plain text fields. Highlight some content to open the formatting bar, and click the Comment icon.
  • You can use '@' to mention your colleagues in comments. This works in the same way as notifying your colleagues
  • You can use emojis in comments
  • The Comment history is accessible via the Settings menu (three dots)


  • The Revision history is accessible via the burger. This contains more information such as workflow status, and supports collaborative editing
  • Revisions now automatically compare the selected content version with the previous version that was saved just before it. Comparing two chosen revisions (not next to each other in the revision history) is no longer possible.
  • COMING SOON: Restoring a revision


  • The workflow is now linear, making it easier to move through statuses in the right order. Click 'Mark this status as incomplete' to move back through to workflow.

Editing item structure

  • Guidelines text is now called 'instructions' when editing a template
  • Attachment fields are now called 'asset fields' when editing a template
  • You can no longer add 'example text' to a field on a template. If you need to add example text, you should add this to a field's instructions.
  • Each text field now has a 'Settings' link, where you can find the option to make the field plain text or set a word or character limit for a field
  • Field drag and drop functionality is now controlled by clicking and dragging the 6 dots at the far-right of a field
  • The settings cog of a tab has additional options such as 'Move left' and 'Move right', to make editing your structure easier
  • COMING SOON: the ability to duplicate a field on a tab in a template
  • COMING SOON: support for private tabs

Connecting GatherContent to your company's daily operations

  • Email notifications are now grouped together in summary emails, to stop your inbox getting cluttered
  • We now have an integration with Slack to push item workflow status update notifications to your Slack channel
  • You can also connect using our webhooks to get item workflow status update notifications too
  • We've restructured template IDs so you may need to re-add your template mappings to ensure they're working correctly 👍
  • COMING SOON: creating items via the API
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