Word and character limits are really helpful to inform your content writers how much (or how little) content that should be added to a field. You can add a word or character limit to any text field as part of the structure or template that is applied to an item.

Add a word or character limit to a field

1. Go into the template or structure that you want to add a character or word limits to. You can get here in two ways:

  • Directly clicking the template name from the Templates tab
  • From inside an item, by clicking the name of the template or structure currently applied, and then 'Edit this Template or Structure'

2. In the structure editor, locate the field you want to add the word or character limit to.
3. In the top-right of the field, click on the 'Content limit' button.

4. Flip the toggle 'Enabled' toggle to 'on'

5. Enter the amount you want to limit the content by, then choose the type (characters or words).

6. Save the template or structure when you're done.

Tip: When limits are in place for a field, they won't stop you from entering or saving content. They will just highlight that the limit for that field has been exceeded, so you can review it.

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