Commenting on an item

Find out how to add comments to an item, and share feedback with other people in your Content Workflow account.

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You can use comments to discuss your content. You can make comments directly on text and assets, as well as on an item itself. A record of the conversation will be kept in the comment history.

Comment on some text

1. Highlight some text and select the 'add comment' button from the formatting toolbar.

Tip: Creating a new comment without any text highlighted will apply the comment to the nearest word.

2. Write your comment and press the comment button. If you want to notify one of the team, you can type '@' and select a colleague from the list to mention them.

Note: Pending users yet to accept their invite don't receive email notifications, so won't be notified straight away when they're mentioned in comments (or assigned to items). Instead, when they log in for the first time they will see their notifications in the notification sidebar.

Your comment will now be visible alongside the text for your team to see. People can reply to your comment by clicking on it, which opens the conversation box.
When replying, comments will be grouped together as part of a conversation. If it's a long conversation, we'll show the first and last message as a summary. Click the conversation to see all comments in full.

Comment on an asset

1. Upload the asset to an asset field on the item's structure or template.

2. Hover over the asset and click the comment icon.

3. Write your comment and press 'Comment'.

Comment on an item

1. Click on the 'comments' button in the top bar.

2. If there are currently no comments left on an item, you'll be presented with a blank slate with the option to 'leave a comment'.

3. If there are already comments left on an item, you'll see those comments, along with the option to add a 'new comment'.

4. Clicking either of these buttons will open a new comment box to allow you to add a new comment. You can reply to existing conversations in just the same way as described previously.

Subscribe to a conversation

Whenever you leave a comment in a conversation, you're automatically 'subscribed' to that conversation. This means you're kept up to date of any responses to that conversation. These updates will be included in your email notifications.

You can manually subscribe or unsubscribe by clicking on the 'bell' icon.

Share a conversation

You can share a conversation by clicking on the 'link' icon at the top of the conversation box. This will copy a URL to the conversation to your clipboard. People who visit the link will be taken directly to the conversation you've shared.

Tip: Shared conversations are not public, and will only be visible to users on your account with the required permissions.

Edit or delete a comment

You can edit or delete an existing comment from an item if you made the original comment.

Simply click on the menu icon if the comment you wish to edit or delete and select your option. You'll be asked to confirm your choice when deleting.

Delete a conversation

To delete an entire conversation, first you must be an admin or be the creator of the conversation (i.e. leave the first comment). Click on the menu icon of the first comment, and select 'Delete'. Again you'll be asked to confirm. To confirm your choice, click 'Delete conversation' otherwise, click 'Cancel'.

Tip: Deleting a conversation will remove all comments from within that conversation, and there will be no trace of the conversation.

Resolve a conversation

If a conversation or comment has come to a natural end, you can resolve it to remove it from the item. You can always view previously resolved conversations from the comment history.

1. Click the conversation you wish to resolve.

2. At the top, click 'Resolve conversation'.

Unresolve a comment

If you resolve a comment by mistake, you have 5 seconds to undo this. Click 'undo' shown on the comment you've resolved. After 5 seconds, the comment becomes resolved automatically if you do not select 'undo'.

Tip: This feature is only available while editing content inside an item. It's not available in the comment history. It's also not possible to unresolve older comments.

View the comment history

The comment history shows the conversations that have taken place on that item.

1. To view the comment history, open the item menu from the top bar.

2. From the list, select 'View comment history'.

3. You'll see the comment history, where you can see all comments on this item. The comments are attached to the content which they were made on, and the field title is shown for reference.
There are tabs at the top, so you can choose to see resolved, unresolved or all comments.

Click the back arrow to go back to editing the item.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Comment's not showing in the item view?

When content relating to a comment or conversation is deleted, the associated comment(s) are moved into the comment history. This is because these comments no longer have any content to attach to. If you see there are unresolved comments on an item, but don't see any comments in the item, it is likely that this is the reason.

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