The main differences between the plans is the amount of active projects and items you can have in your account. Other differences are shown on our pricing page. All plans come with 100GB file storage.

Do you also see 'seats' on your account? You're on one of our newer plans.

1. Click on the trial bar at the top of your account

This bar changes colour depending on the number of days you have left in your trial and it's visible to all your users.

2. Choose a plan and select "Upgrade"

You will see 3 plans listed based on your current usage. Please note that our plans are subject to change. All of our plans can be paid yearly which will give you two months completely free. You can use the toggle button to see the difference in pricing between monthly and yearly plans.

3. Enter your card details

4. Live in content harmony forever after

Tip: All monthly and yearly subscriptions will automatically renew until you cancel your account.

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