You can organise people into groups in your account. This can be helpful as a means to separate different organisations and teams that use your account.

A group might be a client company, an SEO team, a legal or external approval group or different departments within your own company.

It’s really simple to create a group:

1. Go to People and Groups

You should see at least one group here already.

2. Choose to ‘Create a new group’

You can then choose a name for your group.

3. Add some people to your group

You can invite new people into your group or you can also drag and drop people from another group.

4. Perform some group actions

You can perform various actions in bulk: assigning people to a project, updating roles, sending reset emails or deleting people.

You should note that in order to delete a group you will have to delete all the people inside it first.

You can select multiple people in a group by holding down Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac). You can select everyone in a group by using the drop-down at the top of the list or people.

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