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Managing your account
Managing your GatherContent account
Managing your GatherContent account

Here you can learn how to manage your account from creation to deletion

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Creating a GatherContent account

When you’re ready to sign up for a GatherContent account, you’ll need to first open a free trial. Once your trial period has come to an end, you'll then need to upgrade to a paid subscription. When you upgrade from a trial account to a subscription, all your content and the work you’ve done will remain in your account.

Visit our website

Head to and click on “Start my free trial”. You can also access the registration form directly.

Enter your details

You’re now in your free trial GatherContent account! Your account has full access to all the features of a paid plan and you can add as many users to your account as you like.

Tip: Not ready for a trial? Get a peek behind the curtains with our recorded demo video instead.

Updating your Account Name

To update your Account Name, please follow these steps:

Go to your Account Settings

Click on the 'Update your account name' link and enter the new account name. Then make sure you save your changes.

Tip: You can also update your account sub-domain. This can only be done by the GatherContent team. Please get in touch with us and we'll update this for you. Please note that you can only choose a sub-domain that's still available and not being used by another account.

Working in multiple GatherContent accounts

Users can have multiple GatherContent accounts linked to the same email address. This allows you to work across projects that may be in different GatherContent accounts you own or have been invited to.

  • Logging in via the 'Choose' screen

If you're already logged in you can go straight to the choose account menu. You'll see a full list of your accounts. You'll be able to select the one you need to access.

From here, you can see the number of active projects in that account.

Switching accounts from the projects view

When you're logged into an account, you can switch to another account you're a part of on the projects view.

Click on your avatar in the top right and from the dropdown list, select switch accounts. When presented with a list of your accounts, choose the one you want to access.

Star accounts for easy access

Hover over the name of an account from the list, and click the star icon to pin it to the top of your list, for easy access.

Viewing inactive accounts

If you're still a part of any old accounts that no longer have a paid subscription, they'll show as inactive in the list.

Create a new account using the same login details

You can create a new account using an email address you've used previously, whilst being logged into GatherContent.

Open a new browser window and go to:

It should recognise you, and ask you to type a new, unique subdomain for your new trial account. Click 'Create my account' and you're done!

Your password for the new account will be the same as your current GatherContent password.

How to white label your account

You can white-label your GatherContent account by changing the account header logo and account login logo.

Go to your Account Settings

Head to the White Label tab

From here you can customise your account header logo and login screen logo.

Save changes

Once you've made all the changes you'll need to save them so they're applied to your account.

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