There are various settings that are unique to each of your projects. Things like the project workflow, the project name, the people that have access to a project and even the direction that text appears in a project. You can also archive and delete projects from the Project Settings menu.

Here’s how you can find and update project settings:

1. Click the 'Settings’ tab in your project

You will find various options for your project here. You can also access your Project Settings from your Account Dashboard by clicking the cog and selecting the settings option for the project you'd like to update.

2. Choose what you would you would like to update

You can update the name of your project, as well as the project type. You can also export your project as a PDF or Word doc, as well as archive or delete the project.

Tip: You can duplicate a project from your account Dashboard, this will copy all of the pages and page structures, but not the content. You can learn about duplicating projects in this article.

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