Managing Templates

Learn how to import, duplicate and delete your templates

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Templates are reusable structures that you can apply to multiple items; they’re very useful if you have items that share the same structure. You can learn how to build them in our Creating Templates article.

If you already have your templates built into your account, you can import a copy of them from another project instead of recreating it. Below you can also, find out how to duplicate and delete a template.

Importing a template from another project

  • Go to the Structure tab.

  • Click the 'Import' button.

  • Select the templates that you want to import from the list. You can select templates from different projects and import them together, in move.

Duplicate and deleting a template

  • Go to the Structure tab.

  • Select the templates you want to duplicate.

  • Using the toolbar along the bottom of the page, select the duplicate or delete icon.

Tip: You cannot delete a template that is currently attached to any content item in your project.

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