Items are the core of your project. This is where content is outlined, gathered, discussed and edited. When you first create a project, you'll be asked to create some items. As your project goes on, there are a few ways you can add more.

1. Click on the content tab, in the main navigation of the content hub

2. Choose the folder to add new items to

Click on a folder in your hierarchy on the left sidebar, to create new items there. An open folder icon indicates which folder you are currently in.

Tip: The top level of your hierarchy is the folder with the same name as your project.

3. Click on 'Create new item'

A new empty item line will appear. You might not be able to see this button if you don't have permission to add items.

4. Name your item and add more

Type a name for the new item, and either press enter/return on the keyboard, or click anywhere on the page to save it.

Here's a gif which shows you how to do this too.

5. Drag items into a different folder in your hierarchy on the left sidebar, if needed

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