You should note that deleting an item will permanently delete its content, any files uploaded to it, comments and all revisions from our servers: gone!

If you’re sure you want to delete an item, you can do so by following these steps:

To delete an item you first need to trash it.

1. Go in to the content hub's main navigation.

2. Click the 'Trash items' folder to open it, from the left sidebar.

3. Select the items you'd like to delete. They should appear highlighted once selected. You can hold 'Shift' on the keyboard to select multiple items.

Tip: If you want to trash all items, select one item, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Then click 'Select all' from the toolbar.

4. From the toolbar at the bottom of the page, select 'Delete items'.

Tip: Items will remain archived in trash until permanently deleted 

To permanently delete an item click on trash, then select the item or items you want to delete, then click delete. This is a permanent action, so be wary!

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