To update the status of an item, you can do this either:

From in the item

1. From within the item, click the name of the current workflow status at the top of the page.

2. Hover over the status you want to move the item to, and click the 'Mark as complete' button. This can be the next status, or a status later on in the workflow if you want to skip over some.

This will move the item to the that status in the workflow.

Anyone assigned to the item will receive an email notification of the status change automatically. 

Loop in additional users to the status change

You can also 'loop in' other colleagues to notify them of the workflow status change.

  • Before clicking the 'Mark as complete' button, click the bell icon next to it to open the 'loop in' window.
  • Anyone assigned to this item will already be shown here, with a padlock next to their name. Item assignees will always be notified of status changes.
  • Click the Person and plus icon to choose more people to notify about this status change.
  • Add a comment into the box, and press 'Notify & complete'.

3. Click the name of the current workflow status of the item to close the workflow dropdown menu.

Tip: You can't choose a specific workflow status to move the item into. If you want to move the item to a status further down in the list you'll need to press 'Mark as complete' for as many statuses as you want to progress.

In bulk from the content hub

1. Go to the content hub in the main navigation.

2. Select the items you'd like to update the workflow status of. They should appear highlighted once selected. You can hold 'Shift' on the keyboard to select multiple items.

Tip: If you want to do this for ALL items in a project, click on the 'All items' folder on the left sidebar. Select an item, and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Then click 'Select all' from the toolbar.

3. From the toolbar at the bottom of the page, select 'Update status'.

4. Choose the status from the dropdown box, that you'd like to move these items to.

5. Notify anyone you'd like to be emailed about this change, by clicking the toggle next to 'Notify anybody?'. This opens a new window where you can either click-select or type someone's name to include them.

To add a custom message, click 'Add message..'.
Type your message and then click 'Confirm' to send.

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