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You can set due dates for Items to clarify when they need to be completed. 

Due dates are applied to workflow status' to indicate when that phase of work needs to be be completed by, and makes it clear all the steps that need to be completed, and when they need to be completed by before the Item is published. 

If an Item is still in its current workflow status when its due date is reached, it will be marked as overdue and will appear with an overdue notification throughout GatherContent. If someone is assigned to an Item, they will be notified when it's nearing its due date, and when it is overdue. You can learn about assigning people to Items in this guide.

Tip: The final workflow status in your workflow such as 'Published' shouldn't have a due date, to allow your published Items to live on without an 'overdue' status.

Here’s how you can set a due date for an Item:

1. Open an Item

You should see a button that says “Set a due date”.

2. Select the date for when the Item is due and press "Save changes"

The Item due date for the selected workflow status will now appear in your project calendar and Content tab. Anyone assigned to the Item will be made aware of the deadline.

You can also set due dates for a number of Items at once:

1. Head to the Content tab

2. Select the Items you'd like to update

Click "Set a due date". This will be applied to all the Items selected.

3. Choose the due dates for the different statuses

You can always update the due date you've set for an Item from the calendar or from the Item itself.

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