This article is for the legacy content editor. 

Item activity is generated when certain actions happen within an Item. These actions are recorded in the "Activity" pane:

Each piece of activity thats added will include the name of the user who generated the activity, and when it was generated.

The following actions will populate the activity feed of an Item:

  • User created the Item
  • User changed the item structure of the Item, or applied or changed the template applied to the Item
  • User saved a revision of the Item
  • User restored the Item
  • User added a file attachment to the Item
  • User removed a file attachment from the Item
  • User updated the workflow status of the Item
  • User commented on the Item
  • User deleted a comment from the Item
  • User replied to a comment on the Item

You can use the Item Activity pane to track what's happened to an Item as it's been worked on, and can tell you who's done what in the Item - giving you an organised view of what's happened and when on the Item; giving you a timeline of progress.

You can also see a project wide overview of Recent Activity on the Project Dashboard.

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